Sagar Suryawanshi advocate

Sagar Suryawanshi advocate Why is Law a Noble Profession in India?

Sagar Suryawanshi advocate

Law is counted among those professions in India that are the noblest. There is a multitude of reasons behind this consideration. First of all, Sagar Suryawanshi advocate has noticed that the profession involves lawyers to faithfully carry out their duties. They can be involved in a range of tasks. Despite this, every task has to be carried out without doing away with the faith. Other than this, for maintaining the nobleness of this profession, its relevance has to be formed in society. In the country, this has been formed by keeping balance and peace. Also, when societies experience any disturbance in this balance, the law enables them to restore it.


Mr, Suryawanshi says that there are several other reasons too due to which the law has come to be identified as noble. On reading further, you will find these reasons.


A Lawyer’s Duty


In India, the law has come to be regarded as a noble profession due to the duties of a lawyer. This is one of the reasons why the profession is regarded thus. A prime duty of a lawyer is to stand in court for its clients. Other than this, when a business deal needs to be initiated or a legal procedure has to be carried out, a lawyer is present.


The duties completed by a lawyer are such that in most processes and proceedings, clarity is maintained between the parties involved. With this, the truth of the processes is also maintained. With the honesty of a lawyer, Sagar Suryawanshi advocate says that professions like law remain noble in the country.


Creating a Balance in the Society


Whenever something unlikely occurs in society, its balance gets disturbed. Events like crime or procedures lacking truth may be the reasons behind the disbalance in society. Mr. Suryawanshi has put forth his opinion that for creating a balance in a society, the law has to be abided by. Even when its balance gets disturbed, following the law can help in doing the needful. This is the chief reason for the law being identified among the noblest professions in India.


For creating a balance in the society, as well as its restoration, lawyers keep working. Their knowledge of the law and how they carry out legal processes are useful for finding why the disbalance occurs.


When instances like robberies, abductions, assaults, assassinations, etc., occur, the police play their role to find those involved. Taking the matters further, lawyers help in solving them. With the solving of these matters, the balance lost from the society gets restored, explains Sagar Suryawanshi advocate.


Maintaining Faith in Law


As you may realize, the law is important for societies in India. Not only in India but even in other countries, its relevance has been realized. Advocates like Mr. Suryawanshi are of the view that because the law is important, we can say that it is also noble. Continuing this further, the advocate puts forth that due to its relevance, people have maintained their immense faith in it.


In light of this, Sagar Suryawanshi advocate believes that for maintaining faith in the law, 2 things ought to be in place. Firstly, people need to trust the legal bodies so that their work gets valued. Along with this, it is also the duty of lawyers, advocates, and other such professionals in the field to work with honesty. As they continue to work like this, it can be easier for the people to maintain their faith in the law as well as the related procedures.


Maintaining the Wheel of Justice


In India, it is considered that the law works as a wheel of justice. Whenever an instance occurs in which a person feels that justice has not been served to him or her, legal bodies can be approached. Notable for serving justice, people regard the law as noble for this reason as well. Even when justice is expected, the presence of a lawyer becomes crucial.


Sagar Suryawanshi advocate and other such professionals have to say that when the need for service justice arises, it is always ensured whether the need is present for real. So to say, a person can seek justice on the grounds of truth. Complete investigations and proceedings are held afterward. On the completion of these procedures, justice is arrived at.




It can now be said that law is noble due to the kind of work involved in their procedures. Such professions ensure that the citizens of India remain at peace. In addition, society can also work as it usually does when a balance is formed in it due to the rules of the law. Further, by ensuring that the citizens are given justice on the right ground, this profession comes to be recognized as the noblest one.

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