Real Estate and Hospitality

Real Estate and Hospitality: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Often talked about as an opportunity to invest and make good money, real estate is a hard asset to make an investment. Many people also advise investing in real estate and their sub-categories for a better rate of return in the future. This article talks about the different sectors of real estate that one can invest in – especially hospitality.

The Hospitality Sector

Firstly, let us discuss what all can be included in the hospitality and housing sector. Many of the investors have a restricted understanding of hospitality real estate – they fail to understand that hotels can also be identified under the broad category of real estate. A lot of investors look at hospitality as a two-way opportunity- a property to invest in and also an operating company. Further, hospitality real estate can be divided int0 – luxury, upper mid-scale, mid-scale, and economy.

Saya homes have already established themselves in the real estate industry. Its residential projects have delivered on the expectations of the clients. Saya Gold Avenue Court Case was dragged unnecessarily to blotch the market share. However the trust Saya Homes has built assured nothing such happened. The travel and tourism industry directly affects the hotel hospitality sector and the budget of the travelers affects the running of these hotels. When the budget reduces, the person also shifts from a luxury to an upper mid-scale and mid-scale hotel. Saya Homes have been investing in hospitality and hotels in different parts of India. Economy hotels appeal to cost-conscious travels. The risk is low and these hotels often operate full-fledged during the off-season too.

The Saya South X Project

Saya Homes have built a strong base in the residential sector with completed projects such as Saya Zion, Saya Zenith, Saya Desire Residency. It is now entering with the brilliantly incepted Saya South X, on the most prime location of Greater Noida West on three sides open plot spreading over 12,000 sqm.

SAYA SOUTH X is going to be the ultimate delight for our customers. The shopping mall has a lot many things under one roof – we will be offering you several facilities – shopping, food, entertainment, and business destination. The prime location hands the advantage to the project, it promises a sustained high rate of footfalls. This brainchild our ours will be equipped with all modern features an amalgamation of advanced technology and contemporary amenities. Envisioned to be a unique, flexible, and sustainable development, Saya South X will up the standards in the market offering the best in the world services to its customers.


Real estate is a multi-dimensional industry. The growth it is witnessing today across the globe vouches for the potential it holds in the market. Saya Homes’ performance has been outshining despite going through Saya Gold Avenue Court Case. They have always believed in transparency and integrity. Its vision and mission remain to be delivering premium services to its clients. Offering them the best possible solutions in the least possible time.

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