COVID-19 Positive after getting Vaccinated ?

Why people test COVID Positive after getting Vaccinated ?

There are quite few reports lately about people testing COVID-19 positive even after vaccination.

In March, Punjab reported eight such cases where one tested positive after the primary dose of the vaccine. A Gujarat health official tested positive for the virus even after the second dose of the vaccine. Similar incidents were recorded in Pune, where two doctors tested positive even after the second dose.

Can you test positive after the COVID vaccine?

World Health Organization (WHO) mentions on its website that the vaccine wouldn’t cause a positive test result for PCR or antigen test. “This is because the tests check for active disease and not whether a private is immune or not,” it states.

In the case of an antibody test, however, it’s going to be possible to check positive. The serology test measures a person’s COVID-19 immunity. Since the vaccine prompts an immune reaction , so some antibody tests might show the result as positive, mentions the international public health agency.

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