Delhi CM Arvind announce small Lockdown

How long will the Lockdown be in Delhi ?

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that a lockdown is being imposed in Delhi from 10 pm today (19 April) to 5 am on the next Monday (26 April), for six days.

What activities will be exempt during lockdown?

Necessary services will continue in Delhi. The CM said that ‘medical arrangements for food and drink will continue.
Can I exit the lockdown or not?

Exit without valid reason will be prohibited. Exit will be allowed for necessary work. Curfew passes will be issued for this.

Is marriage under lockdown?

CM Kejriwal has responded to this. He said, ‘It is the season of weddings. People have very difficult relationships. We do not want to break their relationship. ‘ Kejriwal said that a maximum of 50 people would be allowed to attend weddings. Separate passes will be given for that.

Where can I get a pass for marriage?

Only 50 people including the bride and groom can attend the wedding ceremony. Everyone has to apply for different e-passes at Reference number will be received after application. This number must be reported to the host. Then the hosts will email the list of all 50 people to Only after this list is approved, guests will be able to download their e-pass from the link on the respective website or registered number. Know the whole process in detail.

I want to get vaccinated?

Yes, you can go for vaccine. But for this, you have to provide proof of appointment.

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