Oxygen Shortage in the hospital of India

Live Updates : Oxygen shortage in India sparks hunt for $1,000 machines

Raphael Koch, a medical equipment retailer within the small town of Wil, has been making phone calls over the past fortnight. Most are from Indians or India-based companies trying to find Oxygen Shortage concentrators, with some even wanting as many as 500 directly .

But Koch’s Oxymed store barely has any stock left of the small known machines that separate the critical gas from air and assist patients with low blood-oxygen levels. And he isn’t expecting fresh supplies from manufacturers a minimum of until mid-June.

“They’re desperate,” he said, pertaining to the callers he’s been chatting with lately. “They tell me about relatives dying on the streets, that there’s no space within the hospitals which the few oxygen concentrators that are still available are being sold for up to 10 times the traditional price.”

The Coronavirus version following a replacement sparked a ferocious wave of infections in India, killing thousands and sending millions to crowded and poorly equipped hospitals, demand has shot up for the device. When healthcare facilities are running in need of oxygen tanks and beds, the portable machine is increasingly becoming a line of defense for those seeking to avert breathing difficulties while recuperating reception .

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