Latest Update Myanmar : Lack of internet connectivity with carriers

Latest Update Myanmar : Lack of internet connectivity with carriers

Following our previous update on Myanmar, the direct action Movement (CDM) continues across the country. law has been imposed in additional townships across Myanmar. The blockage of internet services remains unchanged and therefore the duration of the restrictions remains unclear. Only broadband connections are currently available.

As reported in previous Century news updates on this subject , Maersk Myanmar has temporarily suspended operations until March 14th. Although the announcement for resumption of operations at the isn’t available, Maersk line has began to provide limited services through email and phone calls.

Century teams in Yangon have confirmed that overall situation remains an equivalent . Below may be a summary of the newest supply chain impacts in Myanmar.

century office: Staff in our Yangon are safe and that they are performing from home with internet access. they’re reachable via email and VMS®️ to help in any urgent matters.

Carriers: carriers are unable to reply to the emails and phone calls. All carrier services in Myanmar remain limited.

Ports: Ports are open but most workers are participating within the CDM. The labor shortage may affect vessel berthing schedules and therefore the transportation of landside equipment. Ports are congested as imported container pick-ups can’t be arranged.

Trucking: Most truckers are participating within the CDM. Roads to some ports are barricaded by broken-down vehicles found out by demonstrators. Cargo movement across most states is impacted and a nightly curfew is in situ from 8 pm to 4 am, civil time .

Customs: MACCS system remains functional for the process with limited staff, yet the value is doubled. there’s a suspension for many customs staffs within the .

Factories: variety of factories are open but with significantly impacted productivity. Our teams are in close communications together with your vendors and can reach out via VMS®️ to customers whose production orders could also be impacted separately.

Flights: International cargo flights are operational but are subject to cancellation as staff are participating within the CDM and customs procedures also are impacted.

Telecommunications: Internet access has been continuously restricted in Myanmar. internet services remain disabled; access is merely available through fixed broadband connections.

Banks: Non-government banks are participating within the CDM. Payments for carrier fees, MACCS fees and duty fees are going to be affected, impacting shipment arrangement.

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