Bangladesh’s Chittigong Port hits yard capacity

Latest update Bangladesh’s Chittagong Port hits yard capacity

Following the long Eid-ul-Azha holidays and therefore the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and factory closure orders in Bangladesh, our local teams reported that the yard density at Chittagong Port has nearly reached 90% capacity. As of July 25th, 2021, the amount of containers lying at the port rose to 43,574 TEUs.

In view of things , the National Board of Revenue (NBR) has permitted all imported containers and commodities to be shifted to non-public off-docks (Inland container depots/CFS) for delivery and storage until the top of August. The NBR indicated that the port will still perform physical examination of the containers. this is often different from normal conditions, where only limited sorts of imported containers are allowed to be shifted on to ICDs or CFS facilities.

Previously, the Bangladeshi government ordered all factories to remain shut from July 25th to August 5th as a precautions against the coronavirus. However, vendors can still deliver export containers to CFS facilities or the Port during this era . As a contingency, most factories would have produced goods before the EID holidays and are ready to deliver the cargo Chittagong Port to the CFS/Port as trucking is excluded from the lockdown regulations. Our CFS in Chittagong is open and receiving cargo at the instant , but CFS operations, including unloading, stuffing, and CY gate-in, could also be impacted thanks to labor shortage.

As Bangladesh continuously reports record numbers of COVID-19 cases, our local teams in Chittagong Port and Dhaka are performing their usual duties remotely and can keep you posted on things .

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