Latest updates from Myanmar on the Supply Chain Impacts

Latest Supply Chain Impacts in India Due to Lockdown

Amid the second wave of COVID-19 infections in India, several states within the country have announced complete shutdown while others have imposed strict restrictions on the movement of individuals .

Our local team has reported that there has been no disruption in port operations at India ports and loading and discharge operations are working as normal. Shipments and production could also be delayed thanks to the labor reduction in factories and warehouse. Should your shipments be impacted, our team is keeping you posted via VMS software and escalating any carrier space issues also .

While interstate road transport is out there for goods under the shutdown measures, a negative result for COVID-19 test or priority vaccination are required for all transportation workers. There has been no impact on cargo movement in New Delhi , Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Tuticorin, and Cochin at the instant .

Below may be a summary of the newest lockdown restrictions and provide chain impacts in India.

New Delhi: Lockdown extended through May 10th.

Mumbai: Lockdown extended through May 15th.

Kolkata: Partial lockdown with banned social gatherings. Trains are suspended from May 7th with limited staff until further notice, the assembly are going to be impacted within the coming weeks.

Chennai & Tuticorin: New lockdown measures from May 6th through May 20th with a nightly curfew from 10:00 pm to 4:00 pm remaining in situ . Factories in Chennai are operating with limited labor, while cargo carting vehicles are only allowed to enter before 4:00 pm and cargo loading is allowed until 6:00 pm.

Cochin: Lockdown extended from May 10th through May 24th.

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