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Marketing Evolved With Advancement Of Technology- Jignesh Barasara

Jignesh Barasara is a Young entrepreneur of India and he became an entrepreneur at very young age, now he is guiding thousands of students and changing their lives.

Marketing and technology always has had a very close relationship. It is seen that with the advancements of technology there is an evolution in the marketing strategy in the business world. In the olden days when the business world comprised of mainly small businesses that were localized made do with word of mouth advertising to market their goods.

With the advent of the print media it evolved further marketing used the newspaper and also flyers to make the world know about their products and services. Then technology stepped in the marketing arena with the advent of radio, movies and television ads to supplement the newspaper ads.

Jignesh Barasara

Jignesh Barasara

Though advertising became costly the companies did reap benefit with the increase in sales. So the advertising spend was justified and if there was any loss it was compensated by way of increase in price of products to cover up the costs of ads.

Now it has evolved further with the digital mode making inroads into the advertising and marketing world. When everything gets digitized can the marketing world be left behind asks Jignesh Barasara? This had to happen and most of the companies are shifting to digital marketing.

The social media and other platforms on the internet are being used extensively by the business world to market their products and services now. The present generation is liking it too.

This has more benefits than using the TV or radio for ads. The first one being it has a greater reach to the targeted audience and second it is cheaper too. Hence many companies though they continue with TV, radio, newspaper and other kinds of ads also use the different social media to reach the public to market their products.

In future when some other technological development takes place it may be used for marketing and may replace or run side by side of digital marketing and other traditional ways of marketing. Yes, even today you see the traditional way of marketing is being used in many instances successfully. So it will stay along with other platforms for years to come.

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