Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City implements increased regulations at factories operations

In view of the worsening COVID-19 situation in Vietnam, the government of Ho Chi Minh City has ordered all factories to temporality suspend operations until their COVID-19 preventive plans, including accommodation and transportation arrangements for workers, are approved by authorities. Factories that fail to suits the subsequent requirements are going to be asked to shut down from July 15th, 2021 until further review by the town government.

• All factory workers must adhere to the “3 on-site rules”. they need to work on-site, eat on-site, and stay on-site. Necessary outings outside of the factory are going to be prohibited.

• For factories that are unable to accommodate workers to remain overnight, they will alternatively rent temporary accommodations like dormitories or hotel rooms for his or her workers. However, they need to arrange direct transportation for workers from the factory to the accommodation site to attenuate unnecessary psychical contacts.

Note that the above applies to factories located in Ho Chi Minh City, while factories located outside the town or in other provinces can still operate as was common .

Century’s Ho Chi Minh office is open with 50% of staff working within the office and therefore the remainder performing from home as a precaution, and that we may further reduce the office working capacity to 30% within the coming week. On the opposite hand, our Hanoi office is maintaining normal operations.

Our local teams are checking together with your local vendors on their operating status. we’ll closely monitor things and get in touch with customers whose shipments could also be impacted separately.

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