PM Modi said country is facing coronavirus crisis

Government is working in war-footing mode, says PM Modi

NEW DELHI: PM Modi on Friday said that the country is facing an invisible enemy, pertaining to the coronavirus crisis in India. The PM further said that the government is working on a war footing to fight the second wave of COVID-19 and has expressed confidence of winning the battle.
He also said he felt the pain and suffering that folks had skilled within the past few days due to Covid-19.

Here are the key points of the Prime Minister’s address-
PM said that we face the invisible enemy and India is fighting it on war footing mode.
Saying that people have lost people close to the current (coronavirus) enemy ,Modi said that the pain the people of the country have endured fo some time is over in which a lot of people are skilled , I even have felt an equivalent pain: i’m feeling an equivalent .

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