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Google Assistant launch new feature ”Memory” detailed in smartphone.

An APK teardown performed by 9to5Google details a replacement feature coming to Google Assistant. This feature is known as “Memory” and allows you to save whatever content you wish to a fanatical feed which will be viewed later. Google describes it as “easy, quick thanks to save and find everything in one place”. The feature was enabled from a build that contained a number of the feature’s assets.

Memory are going to be ready to save things employing a verbal Assistant command and it’ll be smart about what it saves supported contextual cues. Memory can save: articles, books, contacts, events, flights, hotels, images, movies, , notes, photos, places, playlists, products, recipes, reminders, restaurants, screenshots, shipments, TV shows, videos, and websites.

A new Memory feed are going to be added alongside with the present Snapshot feed. This feed will show “Today” and “Older memories” as card entries. there will be specific cards for Google Docs, sheets, slide forms, sites, jamboards and drive file. The cards will show relevant actions for things that you simply save. for instance , if you save a recipe it’s going to show a “Cooking time” action or a “Track shipment” button for a recently placed .

Google Assistant reminders are going to be saved to Assistant Memory. You’ll be ready to search Memory, and tap on categories like “Important” or “Read later”. The screenshots show the new Assistant Memory interface to possess only three buttons on rock bottom row: Snapshot, Assistant voice command, and Memory. The Google app currently features a Collections tab which will get replaced by heart .

In its current state, Google is testing this feature internally with its employees, so it has not yet been announced or publicly accepted by Google. There’s no sure rollout date for the feature, should it ever become available to all or any Google Assistant users.

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