When does a Gas Cylinder Explode in a Household?

When does a Gas Cylinder Explode in a Household?

Buyers of gas cylinders often try to know the chances of explosions in kitchens. Beximco, the leader in private sector in Bangladesh, says that knowing these chances can be easier when the buyers know the situations that can result in the explosion of gas cylinders. The company was established by two of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman.

The company from Bangladesh suggests that there can be three main conditions meeting which these cylinders can blast. Excessive heating of the cylinder can be the main condition. Other than this, the presence of little fuel and mixing of gas vapours with oxygen can also result in the same.

Assisting you to understand these conditions better, we have elaborated on them below.

1. Excessive Heating

A gas cylinder can explode due to excessive heat. There can be instances in which the surface of the cylinder can get exposed to it. When this exposure is for a long duration, the gas inside the cylinder can see an increase in its pressure. When the exposure to heat is not stopped, the gas cylinder is likely to explode. Such instances in households can be common when care is not taken in handling gas cylinders.

2. Presence of Little Fuel

It can be surprising to note that gas cylinders can result in explosions when the amount of fuel present in them is not very high. When the amount of fuel is less and exists in the gaseous state, there can be higher chances of explosions. Therefore, the leader in private sector, Beximco, suggests that when you use a cylinder in your kitchen, its gas level should be known to prevent such a situation.

3. Mixing of Gas Vapours with Air/Oxygen

There can be certain instances in which a gas cylinder being used in a household may have oxygen or air in it. The level of this oxygen or air may be good enough for letting gas vapours to get mixed with it. As this happens, the fuel may reach an explosive range. This is when there can be greater chances of facing an explosion in your kitchen.

Are Gas Cylinder Explosions Easy to Occur?

According to Beximco, gas cylinders can occur but their occurrence cannot be determined in the exact number. Cylinders tend to explode when a user is not careful enough. Also, cylinders need to be maintained and their surrounding areas need to be checked, adds the leader in private sector. When care and precautions are properly taken, the instance of cylinders exploding in kitchens can be less.

Coming to a Conclusion

In this blog, we helped you understand when gas cylinders can explode while you use them in your household. There can be several reasons leading to their explosion. However, when you already know what these reasons or conditions are, it can be much easier to prevent the cylinders from exploding. It will also be thoughtful to use cylinders that let you check the level of gas present in them. Such cylinders can be very useful for limiting explosions.


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