e-pass required to travel in Delhi lockdown

Delhi lockdown Updates : Who Can Travel Without e-pass In Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi lockdown extended the COVID-19 induced Delhi lockdown for the fifth consecutive time on Sunday (May 23) by another week. This time, self-employed people are given relaxation by the Delhi government from the restrictions.

Who doesn’t require an e-pass to travel?
1. The police are allowing the movement of individuals for medical services without an e-pass. Those in search of medical supplies or patients travelling for a doctor’s appointment need to produce a doctor’s prescription so as to travel within the UT.

2. Essential services are exempted from the lockdown. Essential workers are going to be ready to pass by showing their valid identity cards. However, those working with ration and other food-item shops will need to apply for an e-pass.

3. Self-employed people are exempted this point from the lockdown curbs. Those with valid ID cards are allowed movement within the city. Although, those employed by these people will need to apply for e-passes to commute.

4. Officers/officials of state of India, its autonomous/subordinate offices and PSUs can travel with valid ID cards.

5. Pregnant women and patients travelling for medical/health services along side an attendant, on the assembly of valid ID card / Doctor’s prescription / medical papers.

6. All Judicial officers/officials/staff members of all courts of Delhi (Hon’ble Supreme Court of India / Hon’ble supreme court of Delhi / District Courts / Tribunals) can travel with ID cards.

7. Persons who are going for COVID-19 testing or vaccination don’t require e-pass.

8. Persons coming from/going to Airports/Railway stations//SBTs allowed to travel on the assembly of a legitimate ticket.

9. Officers/officials functioning within the offices of Diplomats of varied countries also as persons holding any constitutional post.

10. Electronic and medium personnel with valid ID cards can travel.

11. Persons/students are allowed to seem within the examination on the assembly of a legitimate admit card. The examination staff deployed for exam duties shall be allowed to travel.

12. Movement of persons associated with commercial and personal establishments/offices providing essential services.

13. There shall be no restriction on inter-state and intra-state movement/transportation of essential goods. No separate permission/e-pass are going to be required for such movements.

On Sunday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “If COVID-19 cases still decrease, we’ll begin to unlock Delhi during a phased manner from May 31.”

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