Priyanka launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, alleging that Indians don’t come first for the PM, politics does which truth doesn’t concern him, propaganda does.

As part of her “Zimmedaar Kaun (who is responsible)” campaign, in which she is questioning the government’s handling of the pandemic.. The Congress general secretary focused on the “crisis of leadership” and claimed that the entire world has witnessed the prime minister’s “incompetence at governance” during the pandemic.

““He (Prime Minister) just backed off and waited for the worst to pass. The Prime Minister of India has behaved sort of a coward. They have let our country down,” Priyanka Gandhi said in her statement posted on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He claimed that the prime minister’s enormous potential for arrogance has been exposed.

Indians don’t come first for him. Politics does. Truth doesn’t concern him, propaganda does,” alleged Priyanka Gandhi and said the time has come for the people to ask the prime minister ”Zimmedaar Kaun (who is responsible).

Good governance during a crisis is about confronting the reality , seizing responsibility, and taking action, she said.

“Unfortunately, the Modi government did none of those . Instead, from the start of the pandemic, it made every plan to hide the reality and to shirk responsibility,” the Congress general secretary alleged.

“As a result, when the second wave gave us unprecedented force, the government fell into a state of inaction. This inaction enabled the virus to spread far more rapidly and cause untold suffering,” she said.

Priyanka Gandhi also listed a series of measures that the prime minister should have taken within the wake of Covid spread.

“”If only the Prime Minister had acted on the countless warnings given by experts in India and around the world and if only he had listened to the recommendations of his own ‘Empowered Group’, or maybe to the Parliamentary Committee on Health, we might not have faced the horrendous shortage of beds, oxygen and mediciens that we did,” she claimed.

“Did he care about those who looked to him for leadership? he wouldn’t have reduced the amount of dedicated Covid beds between the primary and therefore the second wave. He would have ordered the tankers required to move oxygen and ready for the diversion of commercial oxygen to hospitals,” Priyanka Gandhi asserted.

She hit out at the prime minister, saying that he exported many doses of life-saving drugs without ensuring provisions for Indian lives first.

“Had the Prime Minister prioritized the people of India above his own PR and image building, we might not have the shortage of vaccines we’ve today,” Priyanka Gandhi said.

“Had he woken up from his sleep and ordered vaccines in the summer of 2020 instead of waiting till January 2021, he could have saved countless lives,” she claimed..

Instead of distributing free vaccines across the planet to spice up his own image, had he paused for a flash and guarded his countrymen first, the people wouldn’t be standing in line today grappling with a convoluted registration system designed to hamper the vaccine process, she said.

”We could have vaccinated a significant proportion of our population by now, given that we are one of the most important vaccine producers in the world,” she argued..

She also slammed Modi for not taking opponents along during this battle for Indian lives, saying he could have engaged with experts, critics, allies and therefore the opposition fearlessly.

”Priyanka Gandhi alleged, “He could have used the media as a dissemination of life-saving information about Covid, instead of using it as a propaganda tool to prop up his image.”

In his statement, he accused the Prime Minister of playing politics before human life, saying that he should have helped the states in their heroic fight against COVID-19.

“As the leader of a nation deep in crisis, he would have sent his allies within the resources of the states, paying their dues and manifesting rather than consolidating their efforts. on TV repeatedly to whine and complain about them during a pathetic plan to abdicate his own responsibilities,” she said, during a sharp attack at the PM.

Had the prime minister been an informed and competent leader he would have planned, strategized and ready for the inevitable second wave, the Congress general secretary said, adding that he Science and the tools of modernity could not keep aside and through the rituals of plate-beating and lamp-lighting took us back into the darkness of the past centuries.

“”Indeed, if the prime minister was someone whose admirers would have believed him, if he had the compassion and bravery of a statesman, or a real leader,, he would have come to the fore and comforted his countrymen once they most needed reassurance and succor,” she said.

He did none of this, Priyanka Gandhi added, slamming the prime minister’s leadership during the Covid crisis.

Quoting the lines written by the celebrated poet Nirala in his novel ‘Kulli Bhaat’, during which he describes the grim scenes that unfolded during the Spanish Flu epidemic 100 years ago, she said they’re eerily prescient, even more so now because “we sleep in times , when such scenes of collective turmoil caused by an abdication of governance need to be a thing of the past”.

The Congress has been critical of the Centre’s handling of the Covid situation within the country, but the govt has dismissed the criticism of the Opposition party, accusing it of politicising the pandemic.

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