Kejriwal asks center to share vaccine with other companies

CM Arvind Kejriwal asks centre to share vaccine formula with other companies to scale up production

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday Suggested that the Centre share the anti-COVID-19 vaccine formula of the 2 manufactures with other companies within the country to proportion production. Kejriwal said there’s a shortage of across covid dose the country and an urgent got to build up its manufacturing on war footing while developing a national policy to inoculate everyone within the next few months.

He said the centre should make sure that all the covidvaccine manufacturing plants within the country start producing COVID doses. The two COVID vaccine manufactures are often provided royalty to be used of their formula by other companies, he said. He said scaling up vaccine production is required to vaccinate everyone before the onset of subsequent wave of COVID-19 .

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