Sonu Sood imports oxygen plant from france

Actor Sonu Sood imports oxygen plant from france

Sonu Sood has been donating oxygen cylinders and oxygen plant  concentrators to varied hospitals and associations to assist within the current pandemic’s rescue efforts. Sonu is now importing oxygen plant from France and other countries to be installed in various locations around India.

The Happy New Year star is attempting to brace the state for the pandemic’s third wave. a minimum of four of the oxygen plants Sonu Sood is getting into for the citizens of India’s worst-affected COVID-19 states are going to be mounted. He said, “We are bringing in oxygen plants for the people in need. we’ve seen tons of individuals suffering due to the unavailability of oxygen cylinders. we’ve got it now, and are already giving it to people. However, these oxygen plants won’t only supply to entire hospitals but also will get these oxygen cylinders filled up, which can solve a serious problem of the people affected by COVID-19.”

He informed that the primary plant has already been ordered, and it’ll arrive in 10 – 12 days from France. He also mentioned the Time is the biggest challenge for us in the immediate time and we are doing our best to make sure that everything comes on time and that we do not do too much damage.”

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