5 tips to increase social networks

5 tips to increase your brand presence with social networks in business

Social networks have become increasingly important, the main reason is because they allow brands to interact with their users and vice versa. This has allowed users to have ways of communicating their needs, likes and complaints to brands, so that users have more control and voice.

Due to these changes, brands have had to make a constant effort to have happy customers and a good communication channel that allows two-way communication and a clear brand strategy that helps them position themselves in the market.

How to position my brand through social networks? 

This is a question that many brands have asked themselves and it is not about being on all social networks to “have a presence.” It’s about having the company profiles that we can really nurture as a company. That is, to be present in the social networks in which we will publish content, respond to comments and messages, we will be aware of topics of interest and possible complaints.

Having a robust digital presence takes time and effort, plus a lot of content. Here is a guide that can help you:

  1. Know your audience

Do a deep analysis of your audience. Analyse what topics interest them, why, at what time, what are their main concerns, desires, interests, what moves them to need your product or service, etc.

All this information will help you create your Buyer Persona, so you will know their motivations and desires in depth and it will be easier for you to connect with the right audience.

Remember that it is important NOT to assume, you must carry out a deep investigation. We recommend you support yourself from past, current, loyal and even annoying clients. Collect as much information as possible. This will help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your brand but above all to know your audience.


  1. Define your goals 

It is important that you are clear about what you want to achieve, how, in how long and why. One of the advantages of social networks is that they allow you to measure results very easily. This will help you to improve on the weak points and to be clear about how well your strategy is working.

Remember to have SMART goals Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and measurable over time. An example of a SMART goal for social media is: grow to 10,000 followers on Facebook by the end of this month.

  1. Select the correct social networks 

After you’ve done your market research, this should be straightforward. You should have information about where your users are, what social networks they prefer and even why this is the case.

It is very likely that your target audience, on average, has at least 5 social networks. However, this does NOT mean that your brand must be on at least five networks. Remember that it is much better to have a single well-attended social network than five half-attended or even abandoned social networks.

Do an analysis of how much it costs you to have each social network and discover what is the maximum number of profiles that you could maintain? Always choose quality over quantity.

  1. Generate valuable content

Now is the time for brands to worry about publishing valuable content through blogs that really brings knowledge to their audience. Here is the complete guideline for how to create or start a blog. It is the only way to really generate interest and loyalty with your clients and prospects.

Thanks to previously conducted research, your company is clear about the motivations and needs of your Buyer Persona, this will help you create relevant content for them.

Remember that you must keep track of the content of your social networks, if you do not have it, we recommend downloading the content planning template and the social networks calendar.

  1. Provide good service on all channels 

Neither communication nor the most beautiful design in the world will help you cover a bad service. Your number one priority should be having happy customers. On any channel.

This means that you must standardize processes, know your customer, listen to him and provide good service. Only in this way will service and communication be complementary parts of a company that truly cares about its people and customers.


These all essential steps increase you brand presence through social networking sites and lead to boost up your sales and grow your business at very high level. So first make a plan than work on it for deep success.

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