you are what you eat

You are what you eat

You must have heard this old saying, ‘you are what you eat!’ This may sound cliché but our ancestors said it right.


A healthy diet is an integral part to stay fit and be happy with yourself. Nowadays, obesity has become a general issue because people are not well-aware of their fitness habits. A BMI that ranges anywhere between 25 and 29.9 or even more can indicate that the individual is carrying an excessive amount of weight or is considered to be as grossly overweight.


They can be different causes for this issue- irregular sleeping pattern, fat deposition in particular parts of body, diabetes, hypertension, and many more. Many people are less confident because they are been fat-shamed at social gatherings. And it can become difficult to stay focused on a particular diet for weight loss as one can’t get enough of the mouth-watering paranthas or those spicy noodles. Many people consult a dietician for special diets and involve themselves in hardcore gymming. However, what these people forget is that Ayurvedic treatments are more effective than any remedy!


Medicinal Herbs or Plants

Ayurvedic treatment has some magical herbs that help in the continuous process. Some of them are as mentioned below:


1. Dandelion– It is a very mild laxative hope that helps in increasing your metabolism level. It is a digestive aid that also enhances your flashy pink cheeks and helps in fat loss.

2. Cayenne Pepper– It is a spice as well as a medicinal herb that stimulates your metabolism and helps in losing weight in no time. This Ayurvedic remedy highly recommended.

3. Triphala and Brahmi Are excellent Ayurvedic herbs that help in weight loss. One must take it along with their dinner for fast results. The mend and spices taste like ginger and the black pepper Is found to be quite beneficial for the body.


Experience All Six Tastes

Ayurveda says that there are six tests – sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. There are Ayurvedic massages that are done with the help of herbal powders and pastes. Don’t forget to take one glass of lukewarm water mixed with lime juice and honey. It helps in increasing the metabolism level and it also purifies your blood. You don’t need to cover all your meals. Try taking smaller sections in every 3-4 hours.


At Jindal naturecure Institute, Bangalore, we help you achieve results in no time by giving you a meticulous plan. Your body undergoes a full-fledged lifestyle analysis and a custom-made diet is available for each and every individual. Hotels in flushing out all the toxins from your body and bringing the natural glow. You can easily achieve the results of weight loss by sector and natural methods. Try these remedies for a weight loss. For more information, you can give us a call at 91-80-2371-7777

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