Will CBSE Class 12 exam be cancelled

Will Central board of secondary education class 12 exam be cancelled?

There are reports circulating that the Central Board of education (CBSE) may postpone the category class 12 exam   till July or cancel the exams, and follow the assessment criteria of the category 10 exam. However, a CBSE official told. “These are all speculations, the board has nothing to try to to with it. CBSE will review the covid-19 situation in June, and therefore the decision to conduct or postpone the class 12 exam are going to be taken then.”

If this situation does not improve, then the board has given fewer options instead of canceling the examination, then the official indicated. “If the exams could not be conducted in July, then we will not further delay conducted the exam. because the entire exam process takes quite a month including evaluation of copies and result declaration. If suppose the result be declared by the top of August, how will the scholars take admission in varsities, education institutions.” CBSE, therein scenario may follow the assessment criteria of sophistication 10, but its too early to mention , the official added.

Meanwhile #cancel12thboardexams2021 was canceled and is trending on social media, and is one among the highest trends on the micro blogging website- twitter. Thousands of scholars have raised the difficulty to the education ministry to either cancel or postpone the category 12 exams considering the pandemic’s second wave.


The board last week announced the assessment criteria for sophistication 10. As per policy, while 20 marks per year for each subject will be for internal assessment . For the entire year examination 80 marks will be counted based on the performance of the students in various examinations.

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