Warning: Twitter’s Trending Topics Spoil WandaVision Episode 5’s Big Twist

WandaVision episode 5’s giant ultimate scene twist has been spoiled for Marvel Cinematic Universe followers on Twitter after it was once posted with the useful resource of the trending subject section. The Marvel exhibit startled audiences with the episode’s climax, which printed Evan Peters used to be performing as Wanda’s brother Pietro. Peters carried out Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men films, and many audiences have suspected that he’d reprise the role in the MCU now that Disney owns the rights to the mutants. Those suspicions offered highest quality when Wanda Vision reportedly forged Peters in a thriller characteristic remaining year.

Friday’s episode sooner or later published the truth, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s MCU mannequin of Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver being modified thru Peters’ alternate universe version. The recasting used to be even stated in the episode, with Darcy (Kat Denning’s) commenting on it. It’s one of the greater surprises in the exhibit so far, and is a sturdy hint that Wanda Vision explains the place the X-Men mutants have been in the MCU. But for followers who have now not had time to watch the episode, which debuted on Friday morning, the episode’s twist would maybe have been spoiled with the useful resource of Twitter.

Why WandaVision‘s Quicksilver Is Evan Peters, Not Aaron Taylor-Johnson

On Friday mid-morning, the social media site’s Trending Topics internet page blanketed Wanda Vision one of the pinnacle topics, alongside with the related tags “Evan Peters” and “Pietro.” For each and every person paying attention, the mixture of these three trending matters would have been a clear spoiler for episode 5. Naturally, if they hadn’t considered the episode yet, this would have printed the show’s massive twist for this week.

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