'Unconditional Love' While Mother Cooking Food On Oxygen Support

‘Unconditional Love’ While Mother Cooking Food On Oxygen Support

More than often, the web is split into two views when it involves having an opinion about matters starting from personal to political. However, during a recent incident, an individual has only (and perhaps rightly) been receiving backlash after he shared an image of a lady ‘Unconditional Love’ working within the kitchen while using an oxygen concentrator. Not only was the photo a grim reminder of how women are expected to literally put their life on the road to please others, but also the very fact that the user had glorified the act by saying how a mother isn’t off duty. within the image, one can see a middle-aged woman ‘Unconditional Love’ cooking Indian bread ‘roti’ on a stove. She is wearing an oxygen support mask and therefore the oxygen concentrator are often spotted right next to her. what’s more surprising is that there’s nobody else within the picture who are often seen assisting her even in such a situation ‘Unconditional Love’.

A majority of internet users opined that it’s cruel to form a lady add such a situation. many of us shared their opinion on the lines of how society has glorified women who work even once they are sick, while some netizens acknowledged that the one that is sufficiently old to share the post on social media should are mature enough to assist their mother call at the kitchen.


A good number of individuals also hit out at the one that originally shared the woman’s photo saying that this is often not ‘mother’s love’. They mentioned how this is often cruel and therefore the person’s family should have helped the lady , rather than putting her through such trouble especially when she is severely sick.

It is also not advisable having a highly flammable substance like an oxygen pipeline next to a gas range .

Meanwhile, the coronavirus situation in India during the second wave has been quite terrible. a big number of COVID-19 patients have lost their lives thanks to lack of health infrastructure. Various states across the country have imposed lockdowns and curfews to curb the spread of the virus. In another move to stop the increase within the number of cases, the govt allowed people above the age of 18 years to urge vaccinated against coronavirus since May Day .

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