5 Ways to Treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is quite a common mental health issue where the affected person faces obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. There is no specific age when the person can get affected by OCD, and moreover, it can attack men, women, and children. OCD can be quite distressing and can interfere with your life, but undergoing treatment at the early stage will really help. According to Dr. Vipul Tyagi, the psychiatrist at Indirapuram says, many people who face a lot of stress in personal and professional life are common people to face OCD. Treating it in the early stage is really important to avoid major issues later in life.

Symptoms of OCD-

  • A person facing OCD can witness different symptoms that can show the severity of the problem. Some of the symptoms are-
  • An obsession of unpleasant thoughts, image or urge repeatedly entering into your mind. This causes anxiety and uneasiness.
  • Compulsion is a mental act feeling which makes you feel to carry out to temporarily relieve the unpleasant feelings.

For instance, a person with OCD will have regular fear of house being burgled and will keep checking the windows and door regularly to be safe.

Like these, there are many such examples that show where the person can have fear of many things and keep watching options to be safe.

Treatments for OCD-

People with OCD are quite reluctant to seek medical assistance because of the embarrassment they face. There are many ways how psychiatrists can help OCD patients to overcome the issue. We now bring you with 5 such OCD treatment options-

  1. Medication-

There are different medications offered by psychiatrists depending on the severity of the issue the patient is facing. Antidepressants are one of the most preferred options. Most of these medicines fall under the class of antidepressants called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Although these are for antidepressants, they are more effective in treating anxiety disorders like OCD.

  1. Psychological Therapy-

This is the most effective therapy followed to bring down the intensity of OCD symptoms. There are two types of psychological therapy for OCD- Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. CBT is considered to be more effective but is very expensive. Dr. Vipul Tyagi says you can cut down the cost of CBT if done at any healthcare center or hospitals.

  1. Experimental Treatments-

Many patients may not respond to the above two mentioned treatments, so doctors prefer going for experimental treatments. One such is the Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation which received good attention as an alternative option of treatment to reduce OCD symptoms.

  1. Self Help-

In most of the OCD treatments, consulting with a mental health professional is very important. There are also some numbers of OCD-Self-Help strategies which you can start using at the moment helping you to cope with OCD. The relaxation technique is one of the most effective and preferred self-help treatment options.

  1. Psychosurgery

This is done to alleviate symptoms of OCD on patients failing to respond to medications or behavioral therapy. There are four types of surgeries done under this- Anterior Cingulotomy, Anterior Capsulotomy, Gamma Knife and Deep Brain Stimulation. When you consult with the psychiatrist, you are offered with complete knowledge about each of the surgery done.

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