The Biggest asteroid passed by Earth this year 2021

As expected, gigantic asteroid 231937 2001 FO32 on sunday at a speed of about 21 miles per second in 76,980per hour. Not only was it the most important space rock we anticipate seeing up draw in 2021, it had been also one among the fastest.

Also, needless to say (and prayed for), Asteroid 231937 2001 FO32 didn’t make contact with Earth despite zooming by at just 5.3 lunar distances faraway from our planet.

Asteroid 231937 2001 FO32, at up to 2,230 feet (680 meters) wide, is larger than 97% of all asteroids recorded by NASA so if it had nicked us, it might are very, very bad.

The next time Biggest Asteroid 231937 2001 FO32 will come this on the brink of Earth won’t be until 2052.

“The reason for the asteroid’s unusually close motion is its extremely inclined and long orbit that revolves around the sun’s orbit which is tilted 39 degrees to the earth plane.,” NASA officials said during a statement. “This orbit takes the asteroid closer to the sun than Mercury and twice as faraway from the sun as Mars.”

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