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COVID-19 Positive after getting Vaccinated ?

Why people test COVID Positive after getting Vaccinated ?

There are quite few reports lately about people testing COVID-19 positive even after vaccination. In March, Punjab reported eight such cases where one tested positive...

Bengal elections : Mamata Banerjee said, West Bengal will ruled by West Bengal

Bengal Tiger Mamata Response To PM’s “Didi-O-Didi” Digs At Bengal elections Rallies

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday that she will win consecutive state  Bengal elections despite injury and will eventually aim to regain power...


Three States are in danger of being the next Covid-19 hot spots.

Maharashtra leads the pack but Punjab, MP and Haryana also see their positivity rates rise above the typical national rise of 1.4 percentage points; Kerala the sole...

Amber Zaidi shared CCTV

What does mean by Mysterious clip of Gujarat viral video show?

Video of a parked bike transferring all by means of itself is going viral on Twitter and will ship a relax down your backbone for sure. Twitter consumer Amber Zaidi...

Cyclone Vayu intensifies, doubtless to hit Gujarat coast

Cyclone Vayu intensifies, doubtless to hit Gujarat coast

Gujarat will receive significant precipitation and cyclone as Monsoon has already reached Kerala with breezes processing with a speed of seventy to eighty km per hour...