Studying at New Zealand in a nutshell

Studying at New Zealand in a nutshell

New Zealand is a hub for world-renowned universities. The land offers gorgeous views and a progressive environment for its students that they keep coming back every now and then.


Undoubtedly, a fine degree comes backed up with a memory from your experience. Studying in New Zealand will give you new learning of Māori culture, some thrill-seeking fun activities such as skydiving or bungee-jumping.


Let’s know a bit more about this beautiful landscape and what it has in store for you all. Read this blog further!


Applying to universities in New Zealand

There are so many great universities in New Zealand and once you’ve decided which university to apply to; you can make things pretty easy for you! As the application is now online and students can directly submit the proof of their academic qualifications, your passport, academic transcripts and your English-language test result, i.e., IELTS or TOEFL, if applicable.


After this, you can now apply for a student visa or offline paper documentation of the application for the immigration to this country. Once confirmed, please keep these documents handy with you:


* Proof of acceptance to an approved university (an offer letter)

* Valid passport and passport-style photos

* Proof of medical and travel insurance

* Evidence of sufficient funds to cover living costs (at least NZ$15,000 per year of study, which is approximately US$10,000)

* Evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, or evidence of a scholarship

* A police certificate, to show you’re of good character

* Students from certain countries will need to have an X-ray and/or medical check

* Return flight ticket (or proof of sufficient funds for this)


Know that you’re not eligible for free healthcare as an international student in New Zealand. So, you’ll be needing to purchase health insurance. 


Where should one study?

Don’t let this hub of student city fool you with a relatively small comparison of the population with its size. Apex Education LLP helps you choose a university that meets your requirements, it is equally important to select the right city for you to call your abode for the next few years.


Auckland is considered as the best student city and is ranked in the top 100 student cities in the world. Boasting of a large and diverse community of students, as well as a friendly and tolerant outlook. Also featured in the ranking as the best score of student-mix.

The best movie scene of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit was shot at this capital – Wellington. The place welcomes all the international students with a lively atmosphere and picturesque harbor. The calendar full of vibrant festivals and other cultural events will keep you occupied throughout the year.


What all costs should you consider?

Take an approximate of NZ$15,000 for living costs for each year so that you live stress-free. While you’re at a leading university like the University of Auckland, then you may need to have a budget of at least NZ$20,000 per year. The tuition fees at universities in New Zealand start at NZ$22,000 for international undergraduate students, with higher fees for subjects like medicine or veterinary science.


New Zealand allows you to do many fun activities alongside your studies as a perfect amalgamation of fostering into an outstanding student. Don’t fret if you’re tight on the budget as your student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week during term time, and full-time during holiday periods, so you can always find a part-time job to help supplement your income.


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    I have friends studying in New Zealand before and they say the experience was nice great. Education in the country is of quality standard.


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