How Spazeclub Provides fantastic Networking Opportunities For Business

By functioning in a co-working space there are many networking opportunities available for the many businesses on the floor. Businesses can take advantage of this very fact and can thus employee great talent and also have tie ups with other companies on the floor which results in win-win relationships.

These are the ways in which SpazeClub provides many networking opportunities for businesses through its co-working spaces:


As many companies are functioning out of the same floor thus there are many networking opportunities available on the floor itself. Employees from different different companies can engage and interact with each other and this leads to idea creation and talent acquisition


Which employees are high performers is evident on the floor. Thus it becomes easy to spot talent and hire highly talented employees in your company which can lead to the increase in your business and also better results. Also the knowledge which the acquired talent will bring with him will help you do business better.


With many companies are functioning from the same floor thus there is mutual understanding and aid which is available from all four corners. This helps the business when it is in need of support and help in terms of technology, facilities and employees.


In a co-working space the feeling is like that of a family and thus the different companies act as a family. They share, care and understand each other’s needs and pitch in whenever a need arises.


Because of the plethora of companies on the same floor there are many business opportunities available for businesses in the floor itself. Moreover employees want to stay close to their associates and vendors and that is only possible through a co-working office space.

Thus a co-working space is reasonable and offers many other great advantages like networking and B2B transactions and also aids in making relationships which are mutually beneficial and profitable to both the parties.


SpazeClub is a hybrid between a co-working space and incubator based in Delhi NCR. It is the physical space and conceptual space, and like the notion of the Third Space, it is the transitional space – from what you are doing now to what you could be doing next.

SpazeClub is an environment based on design thinking: the integration of people, technology and business to create new ideas and solve problems. We apply the principles of good design – considered, responsible, intelligent design – to translate initial ideas into something more tangible, leveraging the skill sets and knowledge of our members to mitigate risks from the start.

SpazeClub is a high-calibre network of people who invest in seeing each other succeed. Our members are ambitious, accomplished, experienced and modest and our open-plan layout fuels a culture of collaboration and participation. SpazeClub is proof that productivity is infectious and success breeds success.

For new companies and business people searching for a flexible place to begin their tech business in Delhi-NCR, SpazeClub offers a sustaining, strong group from which to develop. SpazeClub is a network of workspaces allowing New Entrepreneurs and Startups flexible and affordable ways to begin, Manage & Grow their business. We offer a complete solution to start your company in Delhi-NCR by either sponsoring or partnering with you, obtaining a license and all within our furnished offices and facilities on affordable payment terms.

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