Kiwi Foods

For all the snack lovers, kiwi foods has got your back.

Kiwi foods is among the leading snack manufacturers in India. They have a variety of snacks available which are of high quality and equally delicious. Their products are very pocket friendly.

They have various product categories like sweets, snacks, chippys and confectionaries. These are very well admired and appreciated by the loyal customer base Kiwi foods has. Since its inception in 2004, kiwi foods has managed to be the favorites snack provider for its customers. Kiwi foods has received a lot of love since the time it entered the market because of how focused and determined they are and providing products that are delicious, is of high quality and equally affordable.

For them, their first priority is their customer base. They make special efforts to be in the good books of their customers.

Out of all the snacks available at their store, fun pop is very admired by people. Because it has so many variants available under it like Fun scoops, Fun pop pasta, Fun pop Pudina Masala and many more. As you can see there is a very huge range of flavors available, flavors that give your taste buds a good time.

These variants again are available in many different flavors respectively. These variants are available in 2 sizes, the small one and bigger one and you can choose according to your convenience.

Along with fun pop, they also have tana tan variant and it also has different flavors under it. They are

  • Tana tan Mast Masala
  • Tana tan Tangy Tomato, wtc.

They also have various sizes available. Woogly is another variant under their snacks category. It has one flavor called Chatpata Masala. If you are fond of good spicy snacks that give you a good time while you are having them, you should definitely go for snacks available at kiwi and you won’t regret it.

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