Economic Justice Mission

Shri Hareram Mahato addressed the enlightened public and youth fellows in the Economic Justice Mission.

Today addressed the enlightened public and young comrades in the courtyard of the monastery of Motihari Narsingh Baba for the construction of the Amirik Rekha, abolition of secrecy of wealth and property tax from the government and all political parties for economic justice. While doing this, Hareram Mahato, National Convenor of Economic Justice Mission “We are India” said that democracy and freedom is utter nonsense until every citizen of the country cannot be freed.

Today, the current leaders in the country have confused the society on the issue of religious, ethnic and regional issues. Tension has been created among human beings all around, due to which people of one religion, people of one caste of another religion and people of another region are starting to stand in conflict with people of another region, due to which social harmony is reduced – Has become different.

Economic inequality is the biggest factor behind all this, till it can not be overcome and people will not be arranged to live a free and dignified life without lack, then the country can never be a world guru no matter how much Vande Mataram Jai Shri Ram Or chant the slogan of Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Mr. Mahato said that the country’s economy has completely collapsed, more than one hundred lakh crores of the country is facing domestic foreign debt. Is not. Money is needed to run the country in a strong manner and to make every public scarcity-free, which is not possible with the current tax system, so all kinds of taxes should be stopped and a handful of about 14 lakhs of the country Property tax should be imposed on people at the rate of minimum (5%) annual interest, so that it is possible to run the country with an income of at least more than 4 hundred lakh crores.

While the government has found it difficult to raise a maximum of 25 lakh crore of income despite harassing the public by levying various types of taxes, when the budget of more than 36 lakh crore was made last year. In such a situation, the budget deficit of about eleven lakh crores was lost. How can the government meet this deficit? This should be conveyed to the country by the government.

According to the Theory of Economic Justice Mission, the imposition of property tax on a handful of super rich people by running 5% will make it possible to earn 4 lakh crores of income, so that the government will not have trouble in creating better infrastructure in all areas. It will not happen and it is possible for every citizen of the country to give 10-10 thousand rupees per month of his share and in spite of repaying all the debts owed to the country, a lot of money can be deposited in the treasury of the government.

The government is not doing this because of its incompetence or because of slyness. Due to which the rule of a handful of people continues to run on more than 130 crore people of the country.

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