Saksham Kharkia won gold medal for his brilliant performance in Maths by Kumon International School, Punjabi Bagh


On April 7, 2017, Saksham Kharkia was awarded another gold medal by Kumon International School, Punjabi Bagh. This medal was awarded to him for his brilliant performance in the subject of math. It fills Saksham Kharkia with great pride to win this gold medal for 6 consecutive years. The teachers are of the strong opinion that as a student who is quite young, he is 3 years ahead of the school. An obedient student who is always improving himself at studies, Saksham Kharkia says that he loves studying all the subjects taught at school. For each of the subjects, he has developed a liking due to several reasons. In the case of mathematics, he finds the relationship between numbers to be very interesting. Considering it beyond a subject, he loves solving the math problems as interesting challenges. With great practice, he hopes to improve as well as maintain his performance in this subject.


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