Congress Govt. topple

In Rajasthan, the BJP is not involved in the conspiracy to topple the Congress government, so why are you afraid of a fair investigation; Dr. Anil Kumar Meena

In the last few days in Rajasthan, several conspiracies of the Bharatiya Janata Party have been exposed to topple the Congress government. On top of this, Dr. Anil Kumar Meena, in-charge of Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress has said that BJP does not care about the issues related to the feelings and problems of the country. For the last few days, due to coronavirus many people have committed suicide due to lack of employment in the country. The government has no control over rising crime due to increasing unemployment.

Law and order in the country has come to a complete standstill. In order to grab the throne of power, And Cane is adopting all possible conspiracies and tactics. Sitting in the lap of the Khattar government in Haryana, the BJP tried to implicate some leaders in the Chakravyuh, after the audio of several central ministers of the BJP went viral during the purchase of MLAs, their black exploits came before the people of the country.

Congress leader Ajay Maken ji kept many questions in front of the BJP during the press conference – When Gajendra Singh’s name came to the FIR, when people recognized his voice, did he have the right to still hold a ministerial position in the central government Stay on Why is the Delhi Police preventing Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat from taking a voice sample. There is some black in the pulses, so the Delhi Police is preventing it from doing so. If the BJP has no role, then why are we trying so much to give special protection cycles to the MLAs from the Central Government to the Haryana Government, Income Tax, ED, Haryana Police, Delhi Police, Congress and to keep them separate from the Rajasthan Police investigation?

Dr. Anil Meena has demanded on behalf of the Congress Party that Gajendra Singh Shekhawat should either resign or be removed with immediate effect, so that he cannot interfere in any kind of investigation and at the same time he should come forward Voice samples should be given. The Bharatiya Janata Party did nothing to bring down the government in Rajasthan, so why fear an impartial inquiry?

The people of the country had openly donated for the prevention of the epidemic due to the Corona virus and to help the people. In the name of PM Cares Fund, the Prime Minister kept away from the Right to Information Act and the money is being used to topple the government of Congress-ruled states in the country and for the purchase and sale of MLAs. In this hour of grief, the central government should have come forward to help the people of the country, it has continuously moved forward to topple the government in another state. The people of the country will never forgive, they will definitely respond when the time comes.

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