Questions raised on education system of the country when ‘online open book exam’ is organized in Delhi University; Dr. Anil Kumar Meena

The online examinations held at Delhi University are now a joke. The country is currently going through a crisis due to Corona epidemic. It was decided to cancel the examination in most educational institutions of the country. Seeing the epidemic caused due to coronavirus, most of the countries of the world decided to postpone the teaching system till December, but Delhi University in India has set an example to get ‘open book exam’ done.

Open book exam/online examinations started in Delhi University from 9 August, due to which students and teachers are facing many types of problems. In charge of Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress, Dr. Anil Kumar Meena said that ‘Open Book Examination, students coming from rural environment have to face many problems. Many students were deprived of taking the exam due to not having a smartphone. Students who had smartphones While making ‘Online Book Exam’, he made many types of mistakes.Due to lack of information, those students are also in a state of confusion that the administration of Delhi University will play with their future. Despite many students having smartphones, they could not appear in the online examinations due to the lack of Internet system. Dr. Anil Meena said that many teachers organizations of Delhi University tried to convince the Delhi University administration and the government about the problems arising out of the ‘Open Book Exam’ but the government did not take any corrective action.

How can we name this’ Open Book Exam ‘? Exams are taken when evaluating students’ qualifications. It is difficult to review the merit of the students with the open book exam, due to which the hard working students and hard working students come in equal condition, raising many questions on the education system. The Delhi University administration could have avoided this system by evaluating the teachers of each college. But due to the silence of Human Resource Development Minister Nishank Pokhriyal, the new education system has taken birth in Delhi University.The consequences will be on the students and teachers at the time of coming. The process of taking online exams and online classes has started to fall on the teachers who are ignorant of the upcoming technical knowledge.
Dr. Anil Kumar Meena
Assistant Professor University of Delhi
In-charge Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress

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