KaiOS : HRD Ministry

Now .@SetuAarogya app now also available on KaiOS : HRD Ministry

Aarogya Setu app has become a mandatory application to have in India amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The app has been available for Android and iOS for a while now and it recently arrived for the popular all Phone. The feature phone runs on KaiOS and does support 4G, which allows users to install the contact tracing app. Now, the app has been installed more then 30 million times on the in KaiOS phone models..@SetuAarogya app

The announcement was made by the Ministry of Electronics & IT  via a tweet on Friday. On the Google Play Store, the app has already crossed more than 100 million downloads.

The App is available in 12 languages and on Android, iOS and KaiOS platforms. Citizens across

the country are using Aarogya Setu to protect themselves, their loved ones and the nation. Many youngsters also call Setu as their Bodyguard. The key pillars of Aarogya Setu have been transparency, privacy and security and in line with India’s policy on Open Source Software, the source code of Aarogya Setu has now been made open


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