Now grow your Business with Modern-age Workspace from SpazeClub

For entrepreneurs to grow their business further one important required is a good working space. Having your own space to work with your team or individually for remote client, is also the sign of good business. Many budding entrepreneurs cannot afford to invest on self-office, which is why co-working environment is introduced. When it comes to looking for co-working space, SpazeClub is the answer. SpazeClub is designed to foster organic collaboration and provide complete support in building your business.

From freelancers to small business owners, SpazeClub offers customized, shared, and private offices with all the amenities required to run business smoothly. Let us give you the glance of three different office types by SpazeClub-

Private Office-

If you have a team of employees and planning to increase in near future, then check out the Private Office space. Designed to offer dedicated space for budding entrepreneurs, the private office comprises of-

  • High-Speed internet
  • Meetings rooms (no extra cost)
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Storage area
  • 24*7 office access

Customized Office-

An office space needs to be creative and appealing in all sense which would induce to be more productive. So a customized office from SpazeClub will certainly give you the chance to working in a happening work environment. What customized office will offer you-?

  • High- Speed Internet
  • Meeting rooms with no extra cost
  • 24*7 securities
  • Housekeeping and reception
  • 100% power backup

Shared office-

For freelancers and individual entrepreneur who work self and have employees in remote areas need shared offices that would cost less. Moreover, with shared offices you can build better connections with other co-entrepreneurs. Some benefits you get with shared offices are-

  • High Speed Internet
  • Privacy in Lockable Cabins
  • Corner Cabins with Natural Light
  • 24×7 Securities
  • Reception & House Keeping

SpazeClub is certainly a new-age co-working space providers for entrepreneurs looking to build their business further. Check out their membership plans and rent for the respective working space.


SpazeClub is a hybrid between a co-working space and incubator based in Delhi NCR. It is the physical space and conceptual space, and like the notion of the Third Space, it is the transitional space – from what you are doing now to what you could be doing next.

SpazeClub is an environment based on design thinking: the integration of people, technology, and business to create new ideas and solve problems. We apply the principles of good design – considered, responsible, intelligent design – to translate initial ideas into something more tangible, leveraging the skill sets and knowledge of our members to mitigate risks from the start.

SpazeClub is high-caliber networks of people who invest in seeing each other succeed. Our members are ambitious, accomplished, experienced, and modest and our open-plan layout fuels a culture of collaboration and participation. SpazeClub is proof that productivity is infectious and success breeds success.

For new companies and business people searching for a flexible place to begin their tech business in Delhi-NCR, SpazeClub offers a sustaining, strong group from which to develop. SpazeClub is a network of workspaces allowing New Entrepreneurs and Startups flexible and affordable ways to begin, Manage & Grow their business. We offer a complete solution to start your company in Delhi-NCR by either sponsoring or partnering with you, obtaining a license and all within our furnished offices and facilities on affordable payment terms.

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