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Ningbo Port’s Meishan Terminal resumes operations

Ningbo Port’s Meishan Terminal resumes operations. After fortnight of closure thanks to a confirmed COVID-19 case, Ningbo Port’s Meishan Island International Container Terminal (MSICT) has resumed operations today (August 25th, 2021). the choice to re-open the terminal came after thorough disinfection and a number of other rounds of mass COVID-19 testing within the Meishan district, where no new cases are identified since.

Operations of container gate-in and gate-out at MSICT are going to be managed consistent with the CY open of every vessel. Truckers are highly recommended to see the newest arrangements before delivery. As reported previously, the closure of MSICT has resulted in congestion that’s causing longer wait time at various Chinese ports. We anticipate there might be changes to vessel schedules and impacted productivity level at terminals in Ningbo until the container backlog at MSICT is cleared.

Meishan Bonded Logistics Park (BLP), which is found right next to the terminal, has also re-opened from today. While workers are allowed to return to figure and perform their usual duties, truckers won’t be permitted to enter the BLP area until tomorrow. The BLP has implemented variety of COVID-19 preventive measures per the wants of local authorities. Warehouses would require truckers to form advance appointments before delivery and present a green sanitary code also as their itineraries within the past 14 days to prove their health condition. Individuals having been to any high- or medium-risk areas are going to be denied entry to warehouse facilities.

Century office in Ningbo is open and maintaining normal operations as was common . we’ll keep you closely updated about things in Ningbo and ensure your local suppliers also are conscious of these recent changes.

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