How NGO can use Technology for Growth?

How NGO can use Technology for Growth?

How NGO can use Technology for Growth?

Today every sector- be it non-government or government looks for a transformation and innovation. This transformation helps in reaching out to maximum people and gain good funding to service in the market. For NGO, technology adoption is the best thing that can happen which allows them to promote better service for long term. According to the report submitted by Global NGO Online Technology Report (, it presented by NGOs worldwide have been using web applications and email communications along with mobile fundraising tools. This shows that NGOs are more empowered to use internet and there will be major change in coming years.

National NGO, one of the leading NGOs is too has adopted itself to the technology by offering better service to people who are in need of life change.

  • Accelerating Humanitarian Efforts by Using Technology

When an NGO takes full advantage of using technology, they can witness a good improvement in their business operations and deliver with effective aid. Agencies have started using technologies like mobile tracking, mapping, data analytics, and cloud. Companies also collaborate with organizations with further efforts.

  • Powerful use of technology for long term-

There are many cases which show technology has improved the work efficiency of NGO and are more promising than traditional ones. Let us now check how the use of technology changed the NGO face-

  • Increased Efficiency-

NGO can maximize the donation fund by reducing the internal processing time of its expense management system. This allows agency to focus on front-end process.

  • Improved Assistance Delivery-

NGOs dedicatedly work on helping kids and adults in their well-being and to fulfill the basic necessity through donation. To improve the assistance delivery, they work on automated and inventory system. Moreover, it has helped in increasing the efforts while maintaining minimum volunteers.

  • Better Resource Management-

With the use of right technology, NGO can ensure of better resource management. Optimum resource will help in using resources efficient way and also helps reducing the cost. Organization has better insight of deploying manpower to specific project that would reach out to maximum.

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