National NGO-Shelter Is More Than Just A Roof Overhead


You have several shelter homes across the country and each one provides the basic needs to the inmates. Yes, it is due to the philanthropic work of plenty of good hearts that his has become possible.In the shelter homes, the destitute get fed and a roof is provided along with adequate clothing. But is only providing a roof and some basic needs the sole purpose of a shelter home? No, opines the executive at the National NGO.

A shelter home may be named that way but it is more than just a roof over the heads of the inmates living there, all of them would have come there in a very impoverished manner.

The basic needs may be the same like food, shelter and clothing but each has a different special need. Some may be differently challenged while others may be mentally deranged. Help is brought to cater to the needs of each one of these.

Funds are vital for bringing improvement in such cases but that is not all. The NGO needs volunteers, doctors, teachers, nurses, caretakers, counsellors and more to bring improvement in the lives of these destitute.

All this kind of help should be timely and should benefit the inmates. Only with the provision of such assistance will the inmates be able to lead a better adult life. Not providing proper healthcare they may become physically dependant on someone, then more care has to be provided. Such children may not grow up to be mentally strong adults too again being a burden on the society.

Helping the destitute in providing proper healthcare and education these inmates at the shelter homes are taught to live a better life in the future. They will not become a burden to the society but will become a helping hand in the future to rehabilitate the destitute and the needy.

With providing a roof over their head the shelter home at the National Organisation for Social Empowerment is doing more to improve the lives of the downtrodden. The good hearts of the society too can come forward to do their bit and help the shelter home to do a better job of what they are already doing.

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