Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 is taking a toll on people’s lives. Staying at home, social distancing, self-isolation,quarantine, — have increased stress, anxiety and loneliness in some people.

Although with the changing scenario in social distancing restrictions, people are getting together boosting mental wellbeing. Still life isn’t normal yet.

So you might be over concerned and worried these days because of the COVID 29 threat. But the excessive fear can impact your mental health. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or have mental stress, you can contact Jindal Hospital Bangalore. Book an appointment with the professionals who take care of your mental health naturally.

Follow these tips to cope up with COVID-19 crisis.

Stay informed with the right information.

Though the social media channels and mainstream media are trending these days with all time news. But you cannot rely all the time on these as there are chances that the news is sensationalised or exaggerated. This can increase stress and anxiety. Make sure you get information from reliable sources, like government websites, WHO or such reputable media so that you don’t get panicked.

Understand thoroughly about infectious diseases.

In the past 50 years, diseases like SARS, Abola, tuberculosis, HIV, measles and hepatitis, have followed a predictable course. During initial stages, there’s often scepticism, that is followed by attention and then panic, reality and then in the end, a return to normality. So stay calm and remember those patterns.

Get organised.

A good antidote to worry and stress is to stay active and organised. Jindal Naturecure Institute recommends doing something in case you are worried. Make a list of your plans, organise or set up, and get on it. You should keep regular exercise or yoga in your routine list.

Balance your thoughts.

When someone is stressed, their thoughts become dark and pessimistic. All you need to do is challenge your negative thoughts and  check for the reasons to get rid of it. You can take help from a friend or some mental health specialist. Whenever you fall into negative thoughts, balance it with optimism. Meditation can be really helpful in such cases.

Shut down the noise.

Keep those things at the distance that gives you stress. There are often things like social media, news or radio, that creates unnecessary tension in your mind. Shut down the noise and indulge yourself in healthy living activities.

Jindal Nature cure takes care of your mental health by providing a special care center. Patients are kept here wherein they enjoy their happiness till the time they do not recover completely from all kinds of stress.

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