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MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management

The health care industry of India has witnessed remarkable growth in the past few years. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF,) the Indian health care sector of India which encompasses a wide range of hospitals, medical devices manufacturers and health insurance policies, is expected to cross U.S. $160 billion by 2017. The reason behind this phenomenal growth can be attributed to health care facilities, health awareness and affordable healthcare insurance policies.

Given the growth potential, the need for a skilled workforce who is well trained to deal with various issues pertaining to the healthcare sector is highly in demand. Besides doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical staffs there is a big need for healthcare management professionals who can look after the hospital management duties. 

Roles of Healthcare and Hospital Management Graduate 

If you are interested in a career in the pharmaceutical sector, insurance industry, hospitals, and public health agencies, an MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management from ICRI India can provide you with the right direction.

As a healthcare management specialist, you shall be responsible for managing hospital staff and the day to day medical activities of the hospital like raising bills, maintaining equipment and other administrative jobs. In a large organization, you might be required to coordinate between the various departments of the hospitals and ensure that all pieces of equipment’s are completely functional. As a healthcare management specialist, you shall be required to undertake the responsibility of hiring non-medical staff, building security and maintenance personnel. Additional responsibilities will include brand marketing, financial operations and management of the research and clinical work.

 Fields of Employment      

The primary field of employment for a healthcare management graduate is a hospital. Apart from hospitals they can also carve out a career for themselves in health agencies, government hospitals, and different laboratories. Graduates with a MBA in healthcare and few years of experience can also find employment as a lecturer in many MBA colleges. 

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