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Make a big statement on IPL money by Sourav Ganguly and Jai Shah

Let me tell you that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Treasurer Arun Dhumal responded to the earnings from the Indian Premier League (IPL). Talking to the cricket website Crikinfo, Dhumal said that the money does not go to board president Sourav Ganguly, Secretary Jai Shah or my pocket. This whole money seems to be in the development of the country and the players.

The IPL from 29th March has already been avoided sine die due to coronavirus. On this, Dhumal said that there should not be much delay to get the tournament done now. The board can replace IPL in the event of the T20 World Cup to be held in October-November this year. Dhumal said the ICC should take an early decision on the World Cup.

Many people also get employment
“IPL will happen only when there is a safe situation in the game,” Dhumal said. The whole thing is happening that IPL is a money-making machine, but who takes this money? The whole money goes for the development, travel, tourism and industry-trade of the players and the country. If it does not go into the pocket of an officer, why does the opposition talk about this money again and again? It goes for the employment of the people associated with the tournament. ”

BCCI collects taxes worth thousands of crores of rupees “The media should also change its approach and give the benefits of getting tournaments,” the treasurer said. If the BCCI deposits a tax of thousands of crores of rupees, it seems to be in the development of the country. It does not go into Sourav Ganguly or Jai Shah or my pocket. Right right? You should be happy that instead of putting money on the game, it is being earned. ”

IPL expected to earn Rs 4,000 crore
The BCCI is expected to earn about Rs 4000 crore from IPL this time. It receives 3,000 269 crore a season from the broadcaster alone. 440 crore title sponsor Chinese company Vivo. Many other contracts will get Rs. 200 crores. Also, tickets earn hefty earnings. The brand value of the tournament is Rs. 47,500 crores. Earlier, both Ganguly and Dhumal have said that the loss of Rs. 4, 000 crore has been reported from the cancellation of IPL.

IPL to be on T20 World Cup and Asia Cup
On the question of ipl being replaced by Asia Cup and T20 World Cup, Dhumal said, “If these two big tournaments are there, IPL will not be conducted during that time. In fact, the Asia Cup is to be hosted by Pakistan this year in September. He is not ready to postpone the tournament. Pakistan, battling corona, has offered to host Sri Lanka for the Asia Cup.

There is a T20 World Cup in Australia from October 18 to November 15 this year. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison has allowed 25% of spectators to arrive at the stadium. The tournament is expected to be full. However, the final decision is to take the ICC. In the last two meetings, the ICC has deferred the decision.

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