Paithani Sarees

Where to Look For the Best Store for Paithani Sarees in India?

Sarees are nothing less than 6 yards of sheer elegance. And when you want to settle for nothing less than a royal feel, Paithani sarees can be the hidden treasure. There was a time when the royals and the nobles would exclusively wear this queen of silks. And there are very few fabrics that symbolize the glory of Maharashtrian culture in a way Paithani silks can.

Paithani Sarees

What Makes Them Special

The otherwise plainly woven Paithani characterizes a pure silk weft. It is inter- stitched with silvery zari on its warp. The designs on the body, as well as on the saree, might not be similar.

By and large, the Best stores for Paithani sarees in India would offer you Paithani sarees made from different types of silk. They include:

  • Charkha: The most common of the lot and relatively inexpensive
  • Ciddle Gatta: The costlier variety, which is nonetheless shiny, smooth and ‘even’ in texture
  • China Silk: Due to their very high cost, they are used sparingly

Some of the typical motifs are:

  • Bangadi more (bangles with lotus and four peacocks)
  • Tota-maina/ Munia (birds/ Parrots)
  • Mor (peacock)
  • Asavali (flowers and vineyards)
  • Ajanta lotus
  • Akruti (almond)
  • Koyari (mango)
  • Musical instruments like tanpura, table, sambal, and shehnai
  • Pankha (fan)
  • Narali (coconut)

The naturally-dyed threads used to make authentic Paithani sarees are not particularly vibrant. Hence, you are likely to find them in basic colors like:

  • Red
  • Sky blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • Peach-pink

Sourcing Your Saree

You can explore beautiful Paithani sarees in and around Delhi. However, some of the Best stores for Paithani sarees in India also offer best designs and price. There are a number of reputed designers that provide quality Paithani sarees. This gives you the opportunity to shop around and compare the process before making the deal.



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