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Let’s know how talented singer ‘Pankh fessor’ get success in his life.

Indian cinema is known for it’s musical element worldwide.There was a time when super talented singers like Mahendra kapoor, Shailendar, Bhupendar and many more used to sit in extras because the field was decorated by Mohd Rafi,Kishore,Mukesh voices. Furthermore during that golden era lyrics used to carry substantial weightage. But in today’s era its really a task to find good lyrics with soulful voices.
Every second song is remix of past on the lines of composition and lyrics and fresh content and singing are just so missing these days.
But there are still some artists who are putting their best in order to keep the rich musical legacy alive. Amongst them one is Pankh fessor who is delivering fresh content to the arena with some meaningful content.
In recent past he released his new song named “zindagi”.
We got a chance to meet this immensely talented singer, composer, writer and director.

Here are some excerpts of the meeting.

Q. How did you get into this field. I mean you take any formal training because your voice appears out quite a piece in your creations.

A. Well its not at all about a particular time or date for that matter actually ever since i attained my senses i can say i am in music and music is that vital part in my life which is just so impossible to live with out. I mean from my 3rd standard i have been singing all antique pieces. But ya as far as training is concerned i never took any formal training.

Q. Oh thats nice but now the question arises that what got you in production of songs.
A. Well thats an interesting question and it’s answer instead of what it shud be when i came into all this. Well there was a time when my priorities was not the music though i was very much into music even that time too so i used to write pieces and sing them during my alone time, but lately i started feeling like i should now do something instead of keeping it restricted to myself, i should deliver it to public because i believe an artist owes his artistic quotient to public not to self so that is how it started.

Q. Your first song “adangi” was a good hit in 2018 having good organic reach with quite meaningful lyrics what is new and how is ur new song “zindagi” different to that?
A. Well adangi was about social pressure and it was kind of complaint but “zindagi” is quite an inspirational and motivational piece. I mean there are certain things which are need to fixed at the moment, considering all that zindagi was written and now people are liking it so i am happy and yes you also watch it.

Q. You are not releasing your songs via big labels,i mean do you find social media is the new station for independent artists?
A. Well its quite an important question. The thing is social media is not at all social these days. As you know in recent past a big rapper was found in paying for likes and all so it happens. But in my case i am supplying to genuine and organic listeners. Its really a difficult task to get supported by some big music label. But ya my work is being liked by people so whtelse i need.

Q. At present people are singing guns, swords and what not. What exactly pumps you up for coming up with this meaningful content.
A. See i believe anything which is being liked should be in practice. Over a period of time u r right that content of songs has become violent and full of show off but if people are liking that then its fine. As far as my songs and creations are concerned there would always be liking for them i believe because the content is always realistic and pure.

Q. Pankh fessor it was a pleasure meeting you lastly tell our readers /viewers how they can reach to your new song zindagi?
A. Well its available on social media. On YouTube people can go to my channel named as Pankh fessor and find it there, at the same time its available on fb page also.

Q. It was pleasure meeting you.hope to hear more songs from you.
A. Thanks dear pleasure is all mine. Ya sure i vl try my level best to deliver quality music.

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