Latest update : Google Pixel collects 20 times more data than iPhone

During first 10 minutes of startup, Google Pixel handset sends a few megabyte of knowledge to Google. But iPhone sends only 42KB of knowledge to Apple when the phone up, consistent with a study by Trinity Dublin.

Both iOS and Android share data with Apple and Google respectively every 4.5 minutes on a mean , even when the handset is idle, minimally configured or the user has opted out of this.

Personal information such as information such as international Device Identification (IMEI) Phones, SIM serial numbers, are also shared with Apple and Google .

The IMEI is an unique number for the handset which will be wont to block it.

iOS sends the MAC addresses and GPS location of even the nearby devices like other handsets and therefore the home gateway, to Apple.

This can allow linking of devices within the same network like within the same household, or shop.

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