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We have often heard people say that investing in real estate is the safest option in a country like India. Since real estate is not a depreciating asset, people look forward to buying land, build property, and also leasing it out for additional income. With various other investment options available like fixed deposits, gold, stocks, real estate is one of the most talked-about and also secure options to invest. 

One can say that real estate has the lowest risk and also gives the highest returns on investment. There are various options to invest – as per your experience and ability to invest. Lamjingba Group has actively invited investors to be a part of the growing industry. 


How is investing in real estate better than other options?

– With several bank scams, it is not always safe to park all your money in one bank account

– Gold is a high investment, risk levied investment. It can be lost due to theft or a looting attack that can also cause damage to life. 

– The stock market fluctuates a lot which makes it a very unpredictable investment – leading to huge losses at times

– Investing in businesses are also risky as you may not analyze the potential of a startup correctly and hence incur losses. 


Stating a few statistics

– Real estate market grew from 12,000 crores t0 65,000 crores in 2019

– Housing real estate has touched the mark of 2.61 lakh units throughout India

– Investors have invested a total of 43,780 crores in investments in2019

– Real estate was able to successfully recover the losses that it incurred in 2021 due to the sudden lockdown

– Tier 2 and 3 cities are forecasted to see drastic growth – experts suggest that affordable housing will see huge growth in 2021. Ready-made homes’ demand is increasing by the day. 


Real Estate in terms of investments

For years, real estate has been categorized as an investment that only sees an appreciation in the value of the property. In recent times, the real estate values have been increasing at a higher rate with the inflow of international companies investing in India. Lamjingba Foundation Reviews have also stated that foreign investments are often sorted after.

Since the pandemic, many big players are planning to shift their investments from China to India due to lack of trust and lack of profitable opportunities anymore. 

Real estate does not carry many risks associated with it and also looks profitable shortly. Additionally, properties today are more secure with all kinds of securities – like gated colonies, fenced boundaries, etc. these measures keep real estate still running in the race of procuring investments. 

Hence, investors and big industry players often suggest people invest in real estate as it turns out to be the most secure investment possible. With less risk than other options available, security of your money, and a higher rate of profits, real estate tops our charts in terms of larger investments. 

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