Why and How Entrepreneurs should practice Gratitude?

Why and How Entrepreneurs should practice Gratitude?

Ask yourself? Are you content with whatever you’ve achieved so far? The answer will become meaningless as the purpose keeps on changing. It’s a terrible continuous cycle.

Hence, Gratitude is vital. Jignesh Barasara tells a few reasons to know why!

  1. You will not be bothered by uninvited anxiety or any kind of pain.
  2. You’ll feel refreshed after getting a sound sleep.
  3. This will grow your immune system.
  4. It lowers down the blood pressure levels.
  5. Positive emotions and juices flow throughout your soul!
  6. By exercising, you take care of your mind, body, and soul.
  7. You become more optimistic and feel alive in performing your tasks.
  8. You feel compassionate towards other people.
  9. Isolation is a far cry, and you tend to become an extrovert personality gradually.

How leaders can practice gratitude daily.

Tap into the power of gratitude, we list down a few ways in which you can practice gratitude daily.

1. Schedule time every day to reflect with gratitude.


Why and How Entrepreneurs should practice Gratitude?

Yes, we do understand that entrepreneurs like you have so much on the plate and it becomes difficult to take time out for practicing gratitude. However, Gratitude should be a priority on your list. One should schedule some time and be thankful. It can be a meditation-moment or yoga if that helps. Don’t forget to do the thanksgiving to your customers and employees.

2. Be authentic.


Why and How Entrepreneurs should practice Gratitude?

Authenticity will take you to places. Gratitude is more effective when it’s authentic. Be appreciative of more than just a mere “thanks” when your employees do a certain task.

3. Celebrate wins both big and small.

Milestones are great when celebrated all together. It’s not just about the big pitches coming through but small victories happen daily and you should encounter them happily. For your employees, seemingly unimportant words of encouragement will add-up over time.


Why and How Entrepreneurs should practice Gratitude?


There are multiple ways in which you can achieve a positive aura around the workspace. Begin with greeting your employees when they arrive every morning. You can also surprise them by doing a lunch party, or have a Saturday Games evening, and be respectful of their time. Don’t forget to grant your team autonomy and address any toxic behaviour.


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