Different Types of Psychotherapy treatment done by Psychiatrist

When a person faces mental issues, the doctor would recommend different treatments that help in bringing out the fear, anxiety and other issues. One such treatment undertaken is the psychotherapy (talk therapy) that can treat wide range of mental condition. It is offered in both inpatient and outpatient settings where the therapist will ensure that the person witnesses mental peace. Dr. Vipul Tyagi, the leading therapist in Indirapuram offer psychotherapy or talk therapy where the person or group discussion is undertaken helping to bring down the feelings hidden inside.

If you are facing any kind of mental issues and if the psychiatrist asks to undergo psychotherapy, then you must know different types of therapies fall under it-

  • Individual Therapy-

This is the form of talk therapy where the individual and the therapist have one-on-one talk. With this, the individual brings out the hidden feelings and traumas which need to come out.

  • Group Therapy

This is typically led by therapist consisting of various numbers of participants and is majorly focused on specific topics. The therapist will gather different people around to bring down the depression and anger. This helps in anger management and other aspects of mental issues.

  • Family Therapy-

Under this the family members meet the therapist to resolve the family issues. A family faces many internal issues including thought mismatch that can lead to issue and arguments. So to resolve the issue undergoing family therapy is the best to undergo.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-

CBT is a common psychotherapeutic approach and is either done with individual or group. The therapist helps clients to address issues that are creating problem in the daily life. By talking and spilling out all the information, the patient will get the best treatment.

  • Interpersonal Therapy-

This therapy helps people to address problems in relationships and teaches to be perfect in communication skills. With perfect communication skill, the person can have good quality relationships. If couples are facing depression or complications in the relationship, then interpersonal therapy is perfect.

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