Delhi govt imports 6,000 oxygen cylinders from china

Delhi govt ready to fight from 3rd wave of COVID-19 imports 6,000 oxygen cylinders from china

The Delhi government has imported 6,000 oxygen cylinders from China, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal informed as he reviewed preparation for the third Covid-19 wave within the country. The “second wave on top of things , started prep for 3rd wave. Imported 6000 oxygen cylinders,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“Thanking the Central government for their help, they found 3000 oxygen beds. “Grateful to HCL, Give India and Central govt (esp Indian embassy in Beijing) for helping us get these cylinders to Delhi. more preparations underway,” Kejriwal also said.


Along with the state , Delhi was also reeling under the catastrophic second wave of the Covid-19. During this, the city’s healthcare infrastructure was stretched to the limit as cases rose to unprecedented levels. It also led to the severe shortage of medical oxygen and hospital beds within the capital .

On Monday, Delhi recorded 1,550 fresh cases of Covid-19 and 207 fatalities, during a lowest single-day jump since March 27, when it logged 1,558 cases.

It was also the second consecutive day when the amount of daily infections was below the two ,000-mark. 1,649 people were found infected with COVID-19 in 24 hours on sunday.

With cases falling steadily, the positivity rate within the city has improved to 2.52 per cent. At the time of the height , the positivity rate had soared to above 30 per cent.

It also recorded 207 fatalities within the last 24-hours. Delhi’s price now stands at 23,409.

On May 19, Delhi recorded 3,846 cases and 235 deaths and therefore the numbers further dropped to three ,231 cases and 233 deaths on May 20. On May 21, the daily tally stood while 252 people lost their lives.

On May 22, it continued to fall further to 2,260 cases.

The positivity rate was 5.5 per cent on Thursday and 4.76 per cent on Friday, slipping gradually to but 4 per cent on Saturday.

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