Covid-19 Cases Increase No need For a Lockdown

Covid-19 Update : No Lockdown in Delhi Says Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said the continued wave of the Covid-19 pandemic within the Capital isn’t as serious because the previous waves and hence there’s no need of imposing any lockdown. “We are going to be reviewing things . In future, if the necessity for a lockdown arises, i will be able to consult before taking any such decision,” the Chief Minister said, adding that though it’s being considered the second wave within the country, it’s the fourth wave for Delhi.

An emergency meeting was called at Kejriwal’s residence in view of the growing Covid-19 cases within the city.

“Cases are spreading fast. this is often concerning but there’s nothing to panic about. In October, when daily cases were around 3,000-4,000 love it is now, there have been many patients in ICU. there have been many deaths also . But this wave is a smaller amount serious than the previous ones. More people are under home isolation,” Kejriwal said.

Big Spike in Delhi ,grim milestone for mumbai

Emphasising three points on testing, tracking, isolating, Kejriwal said, “I am urging with folded hands to bring back masks.”

Thanking the Centre for allowing a person above the age of 45 years to urge the vaccines against Covid-19, Kejriwal urged the govt to permit vaccination at a mass level, on a war footing. “When the vaccination drive started, there have been apprehensions of side effects and that is why only facilities were chosen as vaccination centres. But now because the vaccines are proved to be safe, if the Centre allows us, we will start vaccination at schools and other non- facilities. we’ll keep ambulances and other necessary facilities ready,” Kejriwal said.

India on Friday saw the very best single-day spike in Covid tally this year with 81,466 new cases recorded within the last 24 hours.

He also urged the Centre to open vaccination for all, removing this clause of 45 years and above.

Daily Covid-19 infections within the Capital has been on a gentle rise since March 15. From 400 cases per day, the town moved to record 2790 fresh cases on Thursday. Before the bulletin was published on Friday CM said that there are 3,594 infections.

In December 2020, Delhi recorded daily cases as high. On Immaculate Conception , the town recorded 3,188 cases and on December 6, there have been 2,706 fresh infections. In November 2020, Delhi’s daily cases crossed the 8,000-mark, which was the very best spike ever.

Taking early action against another wave, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has already announced its decision of conducting random testing of travellers coming to Delhi from other states where Covid-19 cases are high.

The government has also asked schools within the Capital to continue classes of the new year online, rather than calling students to colleges .

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