The country is troubled by the mismanagement of the BJP, those who fight for justice for the people are not getting justice; Dr. Anil Kumar Meena

After the doors of the Indian judicial system were closed due to the coronavirus epidemic in the country, even the lawyers as a business could not escape from the condition of unemployment. Currently feeling unable to meet the basic necessities of life. After practicing in India’s social system and justice, the lawyer’s profession is seen with respect. Today, it has become a challenge for the people who have been victims of oppression to get bread for two times.

In this situation, if he raise his hand to help the society, his business will raise many questions. Advocates also consider spreading their hands to help people against their self-esteem. He believes that it is better to take steps like suicide.

According to a statement by the BCI president, there are a total of 2 million lawyers who are registered with their respective state bar councils. In every state, only a few lawyers are capable of handling the financial crisis.

Most of these are running their families from their daily income from court work. Advocate lawyers have been the worst affected category practicing for the last 5 years including junior advocates. According to a survey published during the lock down, juniors are completely dependent on their senior advocates and earn a meager amount of around 5000–20000 per month.

In small towns or districts, juniors are paid daily for their expenses and in metropolitan cities they get monthly salary. Most newcomers are paid nominal everywhere.

The recent news of suicide by advocates in India is very shocking. This drastic step taken by the advocates is said to be due to the financial shortage faced by them. Among them are some young women lawyers. Continuing suicide by advocates is unbelievable and painful for the country and especially the legal fraternity.

In Delhi too, as recently as a few days ago, two women advocates and one male advocate committed suicide due to financial crisis. Haresh Chandra Agarwal, Ms. Niharika Babbar, were practicing in Rohini and Tis Hazari Courts respectively and Ms. Aastha Kapoor practiced in the Honorable High Court of Delhi and probably committed the most suicides due to financial strain. Police are investigating the case as to the true cause of these suicides. He was a young and bright lawyer and valuable part of the legal fraternity.

Although the unlock process of work has started in various industries by the central government and the Delhi state government, all the courts in Delhi are closed for regular work to prevent the spread of the Covid19 epidemic. It has been four months since the closure of the regular courts but no relief has been given to the financially weak advocates by BCI, BCD, Bar Association or Delhi Government or the Government. The judiciary too is silent in finding any solution for the regular functioning of the courts.T he Delhi High Court or the Supreme Court has also not taken or issued any orders or directions, which are sometimes referred to as court officials, while preserving the right to life and livelihood of the advocate community. Advocates have been left on the brink of starvation by governments and the State Bar Council. This very fundamental right of advocates is not being protected by governments and bars.

Dr. Anil Kumar Meena, in-charge of Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress has said that the central government has completely succumbed to the coronavirus justice. To help the needy people, the people who have donated freely the people of the country are using it to topple the government of the state, for the purchase and sale of legislators. At present, the country is going through a very bad phase. Due to unemployment every section of the society is upset. It has become a challenge for people to have two days of bread. In such a situation, some psychologically disturbed people are taking steps like suicide, the government should take cognizance of this.

Advocate Irshad Siddiqui, a member of the cell with the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress, said that the lawyers depend on daily income for their livelihood. The BCI, State Bar Council and Bar Associations should come to the forefront of the existence of advocates struggling for their livelihood and demand immediate monetary relief to the needy advocates. The government will continue to ignore the problems of the people, in the coming years, the number of cases of crime and suicides due to unemployment are likely to increase.

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