Corona crisis

Corona crisis: 5 rules changed from today, they will affect your pocket.

NCR : On one hand corona crisis in the world, meanwhile, today i.e. from July 1, many rules have changed. The process of Unlock-2 has also started from July 1, while Unlock-1 has ended on June 30. There will also be some changes, which will directly affect the pocket of people, such as gas prices can change, changes related to ATMs and the rules of minimum account balance have also changed. Let’s know what has changed now.

1- Changed the rules related to withdrawing money from ATM
In March, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave exemption to withdraw money from any ATM due to Corona crisis in India. This rebate was given for 3 months, which expired on June 30. Under the relief, customers could withdraw money from any bank’s ATM any number of times and there was no additional charge on them. Now withdrawing money from ATM more than a certain limit will incur an additional charge of Rs 20 per transaction.
2- Rules related to minimum balance changed
In view of the corona virus, Nirmala Sitharaman had announced that no one would be required to maintain minimum balance till June 30 and now that the term is over. Explain that most banks make their customers keep some minimum balance in their account and if they do not, they have to pay penalty. That is, the old system will be implemented again from July 1.

3. Stamp duty on buying mutual funds

According to the new rule, stamp duty will have to be paid 0.005% of the total investment on buying mutual funds in Corona crisis.

4. Low interest on PNB savings account

Now, PNB savings account will get 3.25% interest annually. Now up to Rs 50 lakh in PNB’s savings account, 3% and above will get 3.5% interest in Corona crisis.

5. Online registration easy for new companies

If you are thinking of opening a new company, after July 1, it has become very easy for you. You can register the company from Aadhaar just by sitting at home. At present, many documents have to be submitted to get the company registered, which makes this process difficult. Its guidelines have also been issued by the government.

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